“Dr. Ankita Mittal is one of the best Gyns i have ever met. Its been more than 3 years i know her. She imparts her treatments in the best possible and easy ways. Being a Doctor she is very down to earth and sweet person. I recommend her as a best Gynecologist and thanks a lot for listening me day and night for my issues.”

Anuradha Singh

“Dr. Ankita Mittal is a great doctor. She is very humble, she listens to your problem with patience, she is down to earth and willing to help.”

Meenu Tiwari

“Dr Ankita is known to me through her father Dr Yogesh Mittal, who himself is the bestest medical practitioner in Gurgaon. I have known him since year 2007. He believes in less medicines and cure from the root level of his patients. As a general practice I approached him for my gynic concerns, he took my reports and recommended Dr Ankita Mittal.. Amazingly she happen to lead her fathers pathway. She diagnosed with medicines that not only cured me but also felt personal touch with her patient. Gurgaon happen to just understand the language of money. I am glad that Gurgaon do have amazing Doctors – human beings who serves for humanity and not just money. We are fortunate to have intellectual doctors like Dr Ankita amongst few in this city or I may say few cities that I am aware. Kudos to her intellect and competency. Thank you Madam for curing me. Stay blessed.”

Rumki Bandyopadhyay

“Doctor was very friendly, explained everything at every step.

She’s great for young adults specially, as it’s never easy finding a doctor or who you can speak to freely.”

Arushi Pandey

“37 weeks of wait and 8 hours pain all this had been easy only coz of Dr. Ankita

She had always kept me throughout my pregnancy . She never gives up on you, when i got to know that my baby was underweight I was upset as it was my very 1st preganancy so things were not easy

but Dr.ankita was such an angel in disguise that with her knowledge & experience she made everything good. With her proper guidance & support I was able to deliver a healthy baby girl of 2.6 kg

During pregnancy she was actually a call away. Be it late night or early morning she was always there to help & guide me

And best part she never pushed me saying that normal delivery is pain full or cesarean is easy she was all the time telling me its your decision to decide what you want With the help of her i had a normal delivery

I would recommend her to all my female friends

You should vist her once and am sure you will like/trust her like i do

Thank you Dr. Ankita for all your efforts, guidance and patience.”


“What makes good doctors rise above the rest is how they treat patients: they make patients feel like they matter. Each time I’ve received excellent, professional care. Dr. Ankita was so patient and accommodating & tried everything possible to help me.”

Ruchi Kakkar

“She really reassured me and made so much very clear. She was very understanding and very patient. She gave me the way ahead and explained everything very well.”